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Digital Marketing To Drive More Website Traffic, Get More Customers And Make More Sales

If you are struggling to build your business here in Canada, chances are that your approach to digital marketing needs to be revised, improved, and targeted to get you the best results while staying on budget. All of this and much more are our specialties here at Marketing Blitz. If you want to win more local customers from a smart approach to digital marketing services you are looking at the right agency. We are the #1 choice for Digital Marketing Services Canada.

The first inside secret, when it comes to digital marketing companies, is that not all of our agencies have the same skill level, knowledge or experience. In fact, many of our competitors seem to be comfortable about living in the past with their approach to marketing. This won’t impress with results. We are proud to stay on the cutting edge of techniques and strategies, and are always optimizing our approach to make sure our clients keep pushing forward locally. Our team is always hungry for clear and positive results, which is what we pride ourselves on delivering. And that means when you use Marketing Blitz for your digital marketing needs, you can expect to drive more traffic, leads and sales from your website.

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What Does Marketing Blitz’s Digital Marketing Services In Canada Cover?

Don’t worry, it’s not uncommon to wonder what digital marketing is all about, why you likely need a professional team handling it for you if you’d like to perform your best, and what types of things we will be focusing on to meet your company or brand’s distinct needs. Knowledge is power and we want to help you make a very well-informed decision.

To keep it simple, the process of using online-based methods, tools, and resources to bring in more leads and boost sales is Digital Marketing. Some of the best known, and most effective methods include SEO – Search Engine Optimization; web design and development; video marketing; Google Ads,  PPC; high quality content marketing; the always very important social media marketing; email marketing; and much more. What works best in all of these areas changes quite frequently.

This is why you need near-obsessed professionals on the job – like our team. Some studies suggest close to nine out of ten people look online at a business before they call or visit their brick and mortar location. That’s how important your online approach can be. And this trend is only continuing. Especially with the recent health concerns across the world. You need to take this seriously, if not it can mean big regrets. Once your website is showing up high on the first page of Google and your traffic, leads and sales going through the roof, you will thank us.

Why Engage a Digital Marketing Company ?

The #1 benefit of engaging a digital marketing company is that you don’t have to hire or train a bunch of in-house resources on leveraging or maximizing the different digital marketing channels.

Digital marketing agencies like marketing blitz have in-house experts for full stack digital marketing services like Seo services to improve your rankings on Google, Google AdWords, Website design, Client Acquisition, etc. and work at a fraction of the cost of hiring/training in-house resources.

Also, when a professional digital marketing company takes over your business’s digital marketing, you’ll start generating leads much sooner as there’s no ‘trial and error.’

Why Businesses Choose Us for Digital Marketing In Canada ?

At Marketing Blitz, we provide an easy, worry-free experience by standing behind our work and backing it with tangible results, customer satisfaction and online reviews. Here’s why businesses choose us:

Marketing Plan

Create an Seo and PPC lead generation marketing plan, so everyone knows what to do next

Fresh Lead

Generate leads via Search Engines, Seo Services, PPC, etc., so the pipeline is always brimming with fresh leads

Brand Awareness

Improve your online presence to build brand awareness, so that branded searches increase (resulting in more Seo and PPC conversions)

Fix Sale Process

Patch the leaks in the client acquisition processes, so that no business is lost in the paid search and organic seo lead generation process

Sale Funnel

Build effective sales funnels that hand-hold the leads into buying, improve conversion rate so the website visitors don’t just drop off

Web Presence

Build a positive web presence, so all the marketing processes keep compounding and getting consistent leads and business

Marketing Blitz: Digital Marketing Process And Methodology In Canada

Step 1: We make sure we understand your Digital Marketing goals.


It’s close to impossible to hit a target or targets unless you know what you are aiming for right? So our team will discuss your project and your business’s goals both short and long term. Once we agree what our focus will be real doors of opportunity will certainly open. It could be getting more leads, improving the quality of leads or hammering out conversions. Depending on what will help your business the most we can alter our digital marketing approach. In all likelihood we will do an audit of what you are already doing in the marketing world to get an idea if it is having any success.

Step 2: We make sure your website is first-class, mobile responsive etc.

Your website represents your company or brand, so it should be obvious you can’t have something that is outdated or clunky or without personality, if you want people to take you seriously. A bad first impression is often enough for a customer to never spend money with a business. So we will either design a completely new website for you, or get your current website caught up to speed, if that’s an option.

Step 3: Picking the right Digital Marketing tactics to get the best results.

Next up we will do the research to come up with a number of different tactics that will help accomplish your goals. It could be getting more traffic, or finding a way to get better quality traffic – that is more likely to convert. Once we figure out what the issues are, we can solve them. And often pretty quickly too.

Step 4: Constructing a detailed digital marketing plan

Now it’s time to really get to work, as we create a documented digital marketing plan unique to your brand or business. This is our “battle plan” that will go over where we think current internet marketing weaknesses may be and how to fix them. Our team likes to lay all of this out for our valued clients, so there’s no confusion what we are working on and if we do or don’t understand the realities and challenges your business is facing. We’ll make estimates of what kind od results can be expected so we can compare them to what the results end up being. It’s important to see what is working and why. Our specialty is acquiring new clients, so if that’s one of the areas you’d like to improve, we can get the job done in a quite dramatic way.

Step 5: Tracking performance to make adjustments as needed.

For digital marketing to truly work in this age it has to be approached in a dynamic way. That means keeping a finger on the pulse of how marketing efforts are going, so losing paths can be abandoned and ones that work can get even more energy poured into them. This is probably the key factor that convinces many of our clients to stay with us for very long periods of time. Because the results keep pouring in.

Digital Marketing Packages In Canada

These are some of our key digital marketing services that help our clients generate consistent traffic, leads and sales. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Digital Marketing services Canada


SEO can have an ENORMOUS impact on the number of people visiting your business website. Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy that aims to improve your online presence and make your website easy to understand by search engines and humans alike

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Pay-per-click advertising is the second leg of a digital marketing strategy. Paid search campaigns such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc. alongside Search Engine Optimization, can help you gain more exposure to generate more targeted leads for your business

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Web Design


Today, a responsive website design is a key component of a successful digital marketing strategy. Our web design, website development and SEO optimization provides your business with a cost-effective solution to build your online presence and drive sales…

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Social Media

Social Media

Tap into the two-way conversation naturally happening between you and your customers, patients, clients etc. with Marketing Blitz social media marketing services. We provide creative Social Media for local businesses in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.

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Reputation Management

Online Reputation

Start managing, monitoring and marketing your local business online reputation including reviews, business listings pages, & mentions to generate more leads and to show up where people are looking – search engines and social networks.

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content marketing for small businesses

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategy to grow your business, generate website traffic, leads and sales. Content Marketing is the process of creating, publishing and promoting useful and interesting content to attract more customers…

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About Marketing Blitz

Marketing Blitz Inc. is a leading full service high performance digital marketing agency based in Brampton Ontario. We specialize in lead generation, search engine optimization (SEO), professional website design, pay per click advertising, email marketing and online reputation management. We work with small and mid-size service-based businesses and professionals.

Our team has a combined total of over 20 years of industry experience, just one of the reasons Marketing Blitz Inc. has become a proven leader in online lead generation for local service based businesses, digital marketing trends and customer service.

Along with our client reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages, you will find our digital marketing service standards to be unparalleled. Our business clients are able to take comfort in the knowledge that we are always ready to assist whenever the need arises. At Marketing Blitz Inc. we are with you every step of the way! Call us or book a free consultation here.


Click link to visit any of our local service pages below. If you have any questions about how we can help or which digital marketing channel is right for your business, search engine optimization, website design and pay per click ads, call us or book a free consultation today.

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