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When you are are ready to really drive more website traffic and grow your local business, it’s time to consider Google Ads and Pay Per Click Advertising services. Don’t forget some statistics from well-regarded sources say that around 75% of online sales come from paid Search Engine advertising. Here at Marketing Blitz we are a  digital marketing agency who understand PPC campaigns and lead generation strategies inside and out. In this competitive age where more businesses are using this method online than ever, and this number will just continue to grow, the wise decision is to have a dedicated Google Ads and Pay Per Click advertising experts running your efforts in this area. If not you will likely be ‘flying blind’.

Professional Pay Per Click Advertising Services In Canada

How can bringing our team onboard for Google Ads and Pay Per Click marketing can help you? Here’s a start that any smart business owner should see the value of. When you want your Canada e-commerce efforts or the local services you offer online to connect with customers, these are all clearly things that can help. Read on.

Pay Per Click Advertising can Keep You Ahead of Competition

When you have our Google Ads and Pay Per Click advertising experts in Canada picking smart keywords to bid on, real magic can happen. And you can see results pretty quickly. It’s a tried and true way to get ahead and stay ahead of your competitors.

Get a Great ROI as You Gain More Customers.

When you have our Marketing Blitz team handling your Google Ads and PPC campaigns, you can count on expert advice and keyword analysis to help maximize your return on investment. Say goodbye to inefficient ad spending. You won’t miss it, when you see how our strategies get the business results you really desire. PPC ads are almost always money well spent when it is monitored by skilled professionals.

Track Your Performance and See the Canada Google Ads and Pay Per Click Advertising Results.

All of our campaigns and digital marketing work here at Marketing Blitz is completely transparent. You will get regular reports so you can see how your ad budget is working and be able to decide in real time if this meets your expectations. Our experts are always ready to give suggestions or explain anything you may not understand. In business and in marketing, knowledge is power.



Maximum Results on a Smart Google Ads Canada Budget

We work with startups and service-based businesses in Canada just getting on their feet (or back on their feet) constantly. This means we know how important it is to get a great ROI for what you spend from your Canada Google Ads and Pay Per Click Advertising budget. We are extremely careful about the keywords we select, the targeting rules followed and a long list of other measures to be sure we don’t waster your precious advertising budget.

We are Masters of PPC for Canada Service Businesses

Yes, our Marketing Blitz team has deep experience with building sales for all kinds of Canadian online efforts. That said, one area where we truly shine, again and again, is helping optimize PPC and Google Ads Canada efforts. We understand how service businesses of all kinds operate here, what to look for, and what to avoid. We’ve know the signs of campaigns ready to do amazing, and, as importantly, the danger signals of a PPC Canada not going as planned early on. This is an extreme advantage. Experience like we have here at Marketing Blitz has to be earned it can’t be taught. And you can access it by working with us.

Marketing Blitz: Google Certified PPC Experts

In addition to our experience in the trenches running successful Google Ads campaigns, our team are also Google Certified experts. From small pay per click efforts to extremely large ones, and everything in between, our combination of knowledge and Google Ads and Pay Per Click Canada experience is probably unmatched. The black and white results here at Marketing Blitz speak for themselves. It’s why a majority of our customers stay with us for the long term and are happy to endorse our agency.


Why Google Ads is a Great Lead Generation Tactic for Your Small Business

Unlike digital marketing lead generation tactics like SEO that take months to get results, Google Ads and Pay Per Click ads gets results immediately. With the right PPC campaign set-up and optimization, your small business can start generating a consistent stream of conversion-friendly leads right away. Also:

You only pay when you get a click (or lead). So, in a way, you can think of PPC as a performance-based lead generation system.
You can control how much you spend on your PPC campaigns. Not just that, you can easily pause your campaigns if you’re booked out or when you face budget constraints.
You can laser-target your ideal clients with advanced campaign settings, which means your PPC budget is only spent on leads that can go on to become quality clients. In fact, by retaining the clients you acquire via PPC, you won’t just get a one-time contract, but you’ll get 10X the business they bring.

Google Ads And Pay Per Click Campaign Management In Canada

This is where we set-up, manage and Optimize your paid ad campaign types below. Our Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Ads management team helps Service-based businesses drive more traffic, leads and sales via Google and other Pay Per Click networks. Contact us today to have all your PPC questions answered for free from our lead Pay Per Click consultant.


Reach your ideal local clients and start getting service requests in record time. With Google AdWords search and display advertising, you can promote your services before people who are actively searching for them.


Tap into your ideal local audiences and sell out your services. Just like Google, even Bing Ads help you promote your services before people who are actively searching for them.


LinkedIn Ads make your services discoverable to the hundreds of LinkedIn users who fit into your ideal client profile. With its advanced targeting rules, LinkedIn advertising can help you attract scores of serious queries.


Help your ideal clients on Facebook discover your services via catchy and conversion-friendly Facebook ads. Facebook ads aren’t just cost-effective but also offer advanced targeting, which means you can show them to only targeted audiences who might be quality leads.


YouTube advertising lets you reach your ideal clients (with targeting based on based on their interests, location, etc.) and gets your services more exposure.


From Facebook’s family, Instagram offers you a great break into your young millennial audiences. Instagram’s photo, video, story, and carousel ads are best suited for B2C services or stores.


Our Google Ads campaign management services use a blend of technical expertise and selling skills to work on your campaign logistics as well as on the lead-generation goals of your campaigns. Here are just a few benefits of hiring us for your Google and Social Medial Pay Per Click Ads management:

Keyword Research

We perform extensive keyword research to identify the best and the highest commercial intent keywords to bring the leads to your business website. We also use your competitors’ ads campaigns to uncover their most profitable and budget-friendly keywords to build your ad campaigns.

Ad Copywriting

Our expert conversion copywriters write conversion-optimized ads, so they get the highest click-through rates. In addition to working on your ad copy, we also work on your ad’s layout and other elements like location and call extensions, so they work even better at getting the leads to drive to your business or call you for more details about your services.

Campaign Setup

As part of our PPC services, we’ll take over your Google Adwords account and set up your ad campaigns. Our ad campaigns have just the right keywords, ad groups, and ad copies to generate the most leads for your services business.

Campaign Optimization

Once your PPC campaigns are up and running, we’ll monitor their performance daily and make frequent (sometimes daily) adjustments to them, so they get the best ROI for you.

Landing Page Consultation/Setup

50% of your ad campaign’s success depends on the landing page you bring your visitors to. So as part of our PPC services, we’ll also offer you consultation on how you must create and do the copywriting for your landing page, so the visitors who click through also fill up your landing page forms and request more info on your services.


We’ll keep updating you with reports to show you your campaigns’ Spend, Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, CPA, your best-performing keywords, etc. We’ll also update you on any campaign tweaks we make for getting better ROI.


One of our key skills that make our PPC campaigns work is how we target your ideal audience bases. To minimize ad spend waste and get the best ROI from your advertising budget, we laser-target the people who fit the profile of your ideal leads. Which means anyone who clicks on the ad to reach your website will mostly be a good lead. We’ll also set up retargeting/remarketing campaigns to follow the users who visit your website but don’t contact you. Such retargeting often offers excellent results.

Pay Per Click Services Campaign Management Packages

Our Google Ads management services don’t just focus on the technical performance optimization, but also on your business goals.

  • Ad Budget <= $1000 / Month
    • Setup Fees: Free
    • Number Of Campaign: 1
    • Network Account: Google Adwords
    • Number of Keywords: 25
    • Competitor Analysis:  Yes
    • GEO Targeting Setup: Yes
    • Conversion Tracking Setup: Yes
    • Bid Analysis and Management: Yes
    • New Landing Page: Consultation Only
    • Customer Support: Email/Chat
    • Monthly Report:  Yes

  • Contact US Now
  • Ad Budget > $5000 / Month
    • Setup Fees: Free
    • Number Of Campaign: Unlimited
    • Network Account: Adwords & Facebook
    • Number of Keywords: Unlimited
    • Competitor Analysis:  Yes
    • GEO Targeting Setup: Yes
    • Conversion Tracking Setup: Yes
    • Bid Analysis and Management: Yes
    • New Landing Page: Design & Development
    • Customer Support: Email/Chat/Phone
    • Monthly Report:  Yes

  • Contact Us

Canada PPC Ads Management Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to this. What is Pay Per Click marketing?

Pay Per Click marketing is the strategy practice of using paid ads to drive traffic towards a website. This is done through using well considered keywords. These keywords are bid for and bought by our skilled PPC Canada team to get the best results for the least amount of money we can manage. This can be quite effective since Google or Bing tries hard to match the advertiser with the right audience, according to the keyword chosen and whatever other rules may be in place. A charge is only made when a visitor clicks through the ad which means you are only paying for traffic with a great interest and chance of converting.

What PPC platform options are available?

Google Ads and Bing Ads are the two big names and probably the only ones worth considering in most cases. Our Marketing Blitz team are experts working on both platforms with ads, which is important. Both platforms require a somewhat different strategy for getting the best results. And we are here to make it happen.

Are Pay Per Click agency ads able to target my preferred audience?

Yes. Our experts will discuss with you what we feel to be the best PPC strategy when it comes both to keywords to target and to the audience who will see your PPC Canada ads. The ability to target certain segments is quite robust and our team knows how to use this to the greatest advantage. Often when those who don’t have deep experience with Google Ads Canada and pay per click Canada advertising start making calls in this area it can end up in failed campaigns. It’s one of the big benefits of having certified, experienced professionals on the job.

Why Choose Marketing Blitz To Manager Google Ads Campaign

We can get big results with small budgets

Because we serve a lot of businesses in their initial phases, we understand that clients have their budget constraints. And so we try to get the best results that our clients’ budgets allow. We’re very careful about choosing the keywords, setting up the targeting rules and taking other measures that dramatically reduce the ad waste spend.

We specialize in serving service-based businesses

We understand how service-based businesses work. So, when setting up the ad campaigns, we pay special focus on using local conversion-friendly hacks like location and call extensions that let your users get the directions to your company or call you with just one click.

We're Google Certified and PPC experts

We’ve been offering PPC services for more than X years. We’ve built and optimized ad campaigns of all budgets and sizes. We don’t just help with running and optimizing the ad campaigns, but we also consult on the landing pages you’re going to need for getting the best results.

Marketing Blitz, Google Ads And Pay Per Click Agency In Canada

Would Love to Work With You! We always enjoy having new clients onboard. We are confident once you see us in action, you will be impressed and see the value our campaigns deliver. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help your project go to the next level and beyond!

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