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Our online reputaion management services will help your brand get more positive reviews while addressing all its negative reviews and press coverage.
Find out if you need Online Reputation Management services for your brand.

Online Reputation Management Services to Turn Around your Brand Image

Customers Trust Reviews

85% of your local customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

Increase Sales

A one-star increase in Yelp ratings results in up to a 9% increase in revenue

Build Trust

73% of your Customers would trust your local business more if you had positive online reviews.

Google Yourself … (Yes, Right Now)

Like what do you see?

If you’re a local business and are listed in your area’s online business directories, the chances are high that your customers/clients leave you reviews on them. Not just that, third-party review portals like Yelp, Angie’s List, Yahoo Local, Merchant Circle, Citysearch, TripAdvisor, etc. might also be popular with your clients depending on your location and the services you offer. Now, of course, if you only get 5-star reviews and your clients are always raving about your brand, there’s not much for you to do.

But … let’s face it.

Not all reviews are 5-star reviews.

And not all customers are raving about working with you.

Most of the times, unsatisfied clients take their complaints online and post them on review websites directly, which means hundreds of your leads who are researching about your services discover that one complaint or bad customer experience and get hesitant about approaching you.

Sometimes, competitors, too, can create fake reviews to harm your online reputation.

Now while you can’t control what’s said about you online, you can certainly ‘MANAGE’ it.

That’s what online reputation management is all about.

With online reputation management, you can keep a tab on all the negative reviews being posted about your brand online and also leverage all the positive customer experiences from your happy clients. Doing so contributes to a stellar online reputation — one that gets you more leads and business.

Ready for online reputation management

Services that will help you build, repair, and maintain your brand’s online reputation?  Call us now: 905.216.7571 or complete contact us form to Book Free Consultation.

The 5-step Process We Use For OurOnline Reputation Management Services

Googling you and reviewing results

As the first part of our online reputation management services, we’ll see the top results that come up when we (and your target audience) look up for you online. We’ll also check out the social media search results for your brand. In addition to compiling all the positive or negative reviews of your brand, we’ll also look at any negative articles that your brand/business might have got.

Sorting and categorizing results

In the second step of our online reputation management services, we categorize all your brand review/third-party content into a few silos. For example, Positive, Negative, Neutral, Needs Response, Needs Updates and so on.

Managing And Marketing

At this point in our online reputation management services, we’re ready to promote or push up your positive reviews. Or, fix, address, or downplay your negative reviews. And follow up on the different action items for the different silos. For example, it might be that an article might criticize an aspect of your business that you’ve already fixed, in which case we’ll reach out and request the website to update its content to reflect the same.

Maximizing to expand your presence

In this step of our online reputation management services, we’ll see how we can make your business shine using all the positive user-generated content. We’ll also request your customers to leave your reviews. We’ll set up automated systems for you to collect reviews and a bunch of things that will help you keep getting great reviews consistently. This step is super-important as customers searching for your services are always looking for recent reviews.

24/7 Monitoring

The online reputation management service is an ongoing one that needs continuous web monitoring to stay on top of all the reviews that get published about your brand in real-time. So in this step, we’ll use a bunch of online monitoring tools to keep a tab on your web presence and customer reviews.

Online Reputation Management Canada to Make Your Business Shine…


Look great on the first page by optimizing your Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s first page search results for your brand’s reviews or general brand terms


Have been a victim of a competitor’s fake reviews strategy? Or a shady online reputation management company? We can help you repair your online reputation by cleaning up all the mess. We’ll also help you address the genuine negative reviews.


Impress your potential leads with positive feedback on social media by managing all that’s being said about your brand on the different social media platforms your customers hang out on


Need to make your brand look great online? Recruit your current customers to leave you raving reviews, set-up a system to consistently generate reviews, and promote your positive reviews before your target audiences


Generate more leads and business from directories and third-party review portals like Yelp by managing/addressing/and responding to your reviews on them


Follow all that’s being said about your brand online in real time with web reputation monitoring.

Some Common Questions Our Users Ask About OurOnline Reputation Management Services

I’ve got a terrible review on website X. Can you remove it?

Depends. Email us at [email protected] with more details and we’ll see what we can do.

How much does online reputation management cost?

There’s no standard online reputation management cost because it depends on the number of and the kind of negative reviews or press you’ve got, where the reviews or negative articles are placed, and the estimate of effort needed to fix them. But you can email us at [email protected] with your brand’s details and we’ll recommend one of our online reputation management packages for you.

How does online reputation management company work?

Check out our 5-step process from above.

Why get online reputation management services?

With a stellar brand reputation, you’ll attract and convert way more leads than with a non-existing or negative reputation.

How long does online reputation management services take to get results?

How long we’ll take to get results with your brand reputation management depends on the current status of your brand’s reputation. Email us at [email protected] and we’ll try to give you an estimate.

Our Online Reputation Management Services Packages

Based on our clients’ common online reputation management needs, we’ve designed the following three standard online reputation management packages. Email us at [email protected] if you’ve any custom requirements or questions.

  • Suitable for starter
    • Number of Keywords: 10
    • In-Depth Reputation Analysis: Yes
    • Create A Branded Blog: x 1
    • Build & Maintain 5 Star Reputation: Yes
    • Create Social Networking Profiles: x 10
    • Create content / article: x 1
    • Help To Collect Online Reviews x 5
    • Push Down Negative Content x 5
    • Business Directory Submission x 10
    • Remove Ripoff Reports x 1
    • Article Submission: x 10
    • Email / Phone Customer Support
    • Monthly Ranking Report

  • Contact Us
  • Suitable for businesses with multiple locations
    • Number of Keywords: 50
    • In-Depth Reputation Analysis: Yes
    • Create A Branded Blog: x 5
    • Build & Maintain 5 Star Reputation: Yes
    • Create Social Networking Profiles: x 50
    • Create content / article: x 3
    • Help To Collect Online Reviews x 5
    • Push Down Negative Content x 20
    • Business Directory Submission x 100
    • Remove Ripoff Reports x 5
    • Article Submission: x 100
    • Email / Phone Customer Support
    • Monthly Ranking Report

  • Contact Us

Generate more leads and business by building And maintaining a
stellar online reputation

If you’ve any questions about hiring our digital marketing agency or general questions related to Search Engine Optimization and online reputation management, Call us now, Click below to contact us or You can also email us at [email protected] We’ll be more than happy to help you.



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