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Social Media Marketing Canada To Engage Your Current Audience And Reach New Customers . Contact us for a free consultation

In today’s environment a business’s approach to social media and social media marketing is crucial to their lead generation and performance. Especially here in Canada. That takes a seven day a week, 365 day a year professional approach to be optimal. Random posting just won’t cut it. If you are interested in optimizing your business social networks and profiles online reach and reputation, you have come to the right place. Here at Marketing Blitz we are  Social Media Marketing experts that deliver results. And you have a big concern off of your plate.

Social Media Marketing In Canada at an Attractive Price You Can Afford

Our Marketing Blitz team understands how important your marketing budget is and that you are taking care of at least a few different areas to help your business drive more traffic and leads. The good news is social media services are ultra-affordable. So you not only free up time, help your business spread the word, but its done at a price that makes sense. Talk to us about it and see first-hand how we can help with Social Media Marketing for your local business. How we can help your business?


Help your ideal clients on Facebook discover your services via catchy and conversion-friendly Facebook ads. Facebook ads aren’t just cost-effective but also offer advanced targeting, which means you can show them to only targeted audiences who might be quality leads.


From Facebook’s family, Instagram offers you a great break into your young millennial audiences. Instagram’s photo, video, story, and carousel ads are best suited for B2C services or stores.


LinkedIn Ads make your services discoverable to the hundreds of LinkedIn users who fit into your ideal client profile. With its advanced targeting rules, LinkedIn advertising can help you attract scores of serious queries.


Reach your ideal local clients and start getting service requests in record time. With Pinterest daily posting and advertising, you can promote your services before people who are actively searching for them on Pinterest.


YouTube is an online video-sharing platform. YouTube advertising lets you reach your ideal clients (with targeting based on based on their interests, location, etc.) and gets your services more exposure.


Twitter is an microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as “tweets”. Twitter Ads make your services discoverable to the hundreds of Twitter users who fit into your ideal client profile.


Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. With Blogger you post weekly articles and videos to promote your services before people who are actively searching for content and promotions.


Reach your ideal local clients and start getting service requests in record time from Google Maps. With Google My Business daily posting and paid ads advertising, you can promote your services before people who are actively searching for local businesses on Google.


Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website. Tumblr allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs etc

Quality Social Media Marketing Content For All Managed Social Network In Canada

The best social media marketing approach is one that is clearly authentic and that connects with past and future customer alike to your business. This requires quality content that is well-thought out, touches on interesting subjects related to your business, holds interest, and inspires customer action. We understand these social media principles inside and out. And it comes through seamlessly in our posts. The quality our social media marketing services deliver will help set you apart and ahead of the crowd.

Social Media Marketing Business Content: Every Day of the Week To Reach Your Target Audience In Canada

When you sign up for one of our plans, our experts will craft and post a high quality, unique piece of social media content to your business’s Facebook page and to one other social media platform of your choice. You can count on this seven days a week without fail and your customers can too. This will help your social media reach grow, along with your brand’s authority. All without you having to lift a finger, worry-free.

Highlights of What You Can Expect When We Handle Your Social Media Marketing In Canada 

You can count on our posting once a day, everyday to Facebook and one other social media platform.
Compelling, unique content (images, videos, articles etc.) that we create exclusively for your local business.
Your target audience kept firmly in mind, with each post we make, from articles to images and beyond to drive more exposure and traffic to your business.
We have options once a week to promote one of your offers or services in a way designed to sell and drive more traffic.
A masterful use of hashtags on every social media marketing post. This can be very valuable and attract new customers and interest to your business.
First class business support. We are here when you need us. By phone, webform or email, whichever way you prefer. Our aim is to make contacting us as convenient as possible.

A Deeper Look at Social Media Marketing Canada with Marketing Blitz

Let’s be clear. Today, it’s a big mistake to think of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. as just something people use to stay in contact with friends and share news and opinions. In the last few years it has become much more than that. And this trend will only continue. This is why we take it so seriously here at Marketing Blitz. For many of your potential customers, the first thing they will look at when considering spending money with a local business or service is there social media page. They scan posts and look at reviews. Can you see why working with the right Social Media Marketing agency can be so vital for your business’s optimal performance? Your website SEO optimization should NOT be ignored but social media marketing shouldn’t be either. We know. We do both, professionally, to five-star reviews. We know how to grow your audience and keep your customers engaged.

Don’t forget, to use Facebook as an example, millions of people jump on Facebook for hours a day. While these may not all be good fits for what your business offers, many will be. We work hard to optimize your social media profiles and presence through the latest, proven strategies, to help your business stand our from the crowd. Everything we do for you on social media posting and social media marketing has that in mind. And our local Social Media Marketing agency handles everything in a completely transparent way for your local business. You won’t have to worry about wondering what you are getting from your monthly plan. We make every effort to keep you informed.

There’s different tools we can use to help your social media marketing posting and campaigns thrive. Viral marketing, contest building, targeted ads, giveaways, to name just a few. Of course we will bounce these ideas off of you and see what is in your budget and what you’d prefer to explore. Let us make social media something far beyond a distraction or after thought for your business. Marketing Blitz can transform your Social Media Marketing efforts in a way that truly drives traffic to your website, business and delivers result.

Social Media Marketing in Canada Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my business use social media?

Our expert opinion, because you really have to if you want your business to get the most it can out of being online. Social media isn’t an option anymore, it’s a must. Rest assured your competitors are not going to skip over it. The good news? We can take care of it for you, so it’s not something extra added to your already busy schedule.

What’s the optimal posting schedule?

We believe once a day, everyday is the way to go to make the best connection with your audience. Some agencies recommend less than that but in our experience this will hurt performance. Our Markting Blitz Canada Social Media Marketing plan is affordable and covers one post on two different platforms a day. So there’s no reason to consider less than that.

Can comments or reviews be deleted on social media?

It depends on the platform. Let us know the specifics and we can see if we can help.

How long does it take to get started?

We can most likely get you started extremely quickly. Contact us today and let’s get the ball rolling. Before you know it your business will be a dominant force, thanks to our top Canada social media marketing agency team.

Who will be performing the work on my social media accounts?

A highly-qualified dedicated Content Specialist will be the one curating and creating content for your accounts. Our Content Specialists are just that – specialists in social media content. They spend hours scouring the web, searching for relevant content to share on your accounts. Their goal is to engage with your audience the way you would if you had the time. We’re big on taking ownership and responsibility for our work, and it shows in everything we do.

How will you know what to post for my company?

Once we receive your order, the Content Specialist assigned to your account will research your industry, competitors, and target audience. By the time the first post hits Facebook, G+, and Twitter, your Content Specialist will know just what your audience is looking for. And that’s the key to effectively using Social Media!

Can I still post on my own profiles?

Of course! They belong to you, and you can be involved as much or as little as you’d like.

What if I have specific products, promotions, or specials I want you to promote?

Just send them over to [email protected] Our team will make sure your requests are handled just right. You can email specific instructions anytime, and we’ll do whatever we can to get them implemented right away.

How do I get you the information to manage my accounts?

After signing up, you’ll be provided with instructions for giving us access to your social media profiles.

Why Choose Marketing Blitz To Manager Social Media Marketing Ads Campaign

We can get big results with small budgets

Because we serve a lot of businesses in their initial phases, we understand that clients have their budget constraints. And so we try to get the best results that our clients’ budgets allow. We’re very careful about choosing the keywords, setting up the targeting rules and taking other measures that dramatically reduce the ad waste spend.

We specialize in serving service-based businesses

We understand how service-based businesses work. So, when setting up the ad campaigns, we pay special focus on using local conversion-friendly hacks like location and call extensions that let your users get the directions to your company or call you with just one click.

We're Google Certified and PPC experts

We’ve been offering PPC services for more than 7 years. We’ve built and optimized ad campaigns of all budgets and sizes. We don’t just help with running and optimizing the ad campaigns, but we also consult on the landing pages you’re going to need for getting the best results.

Social Media Marketing In Canada To Engage Your Current Audience, Reach New Customers To Make More Sales

We always enjoy having new social media marketing clients onboard. We are confident once you see us in action, you will be impressed and see the value our daily posting and ads management deliver. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help you today with Social Media Marketing!

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