Web Design (Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga And The GTA): Three Steps to Hiring the Best Local Web Design Services

Web Design (Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga And The GTA): Three Steps to Hiring the Best Local Web Design Services

Are you a small business looking for web design services in Brampton, Mississauga. Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area?

Well, then you might be feeling overwhelmed surfing through the thousands of web design companies that come up in the Google search results for local Montreal web design companies…

We get it:

Selecting a website design partner (especially with so many local options available in Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga and rest of the GTA) is no small task.

But as a small business, a website isn’t just a “fancy thing” for you to have.

Your business website is actually your key channel for driving sales and business. It’s how your potential local leads find you online and contact you requesting your services (or query about them!).

… And so, choosing the best local web design company is critical to your success.

So to help you find and evaluate your best Brampton-based, Toronto-Based, Greater Toronto Area Based website design partner, we’ve put together a simple three-step process. Keep this handy when you’re shortlisting and evaluating your local web design agency options, and you’ll land up with one that designs a website that drives your business forward!

Here goes …

Step #1: Evaluating for the basics (design aesthetics, mobile-friendliness, and support for CMSes)

When choosing a website design agency, you must evaluate it for its design sense before you look at anything else.

An easy way to do this is to look at its website and social media channels. This exercise alone will give you a feel of how they approach design.

At this point, you should strike off every web design agency websites on your list that looks like it’s from the 2000s.

After all, if they can’t give their own business website a face-lift, you can’t really trust them to make you look like a professional and modern business online either.

So, how do you ensure that an agency with a good website is actually good at design?

Well, you need to check out its portfolio too.

For example, at MarketingBlitz, we design websites for local Canada-based small businesses in many different niches.

Check our our website design portfolio

Here’s a mobile responsive website we designed for a local railings business:
















Here’s a mobile responsive website we designed for a local Diamond Jewelry business:


kanda diamond web design

Here’s a mobile responsive website we designed for a local lumber printing business:



Here’s a mobile responsive website we designed for a local real estate agent:


gagan gill real estate agent


Here’s a mobile responsive website we designed for a local plumbing company:



Here’s a mobile responsive website we designed for a local teeth whitening company:



Here’s a mobile responsive website we designed for a local home builder company:



As you can see, each website has a distinct personality. Also, each uses a different style of visual storytelling, fine-tuned for its industry.

Now, when you’re evaluating your web design agency for its design, make sure to check it out from your mobile device as well. Because if you can’t contact this agency via its contact form from your mobile or if its “click-to-call” button becomes inaccessible on its mobile website, your website, too, will most likely end up being unusable on the mobile screens.

And given that local business queries happen mostly on the mobiles, it’s a critical stop sign when you see an agency with a non-mobile-friendly web design.

Remember that 80% of searchers look for a local business on their mobiles at least once a week, with 58% searching at least daily. And more than 75% of local searches result in a call. Which means, you only want to go with a web design company that doesn’t just come with good design sense, but also understands the need for mobile friendliness.

So, once you’re happy with a design agency that designs good stuff and offers actually functional mobile websites, it’s time to see what CMS (Content Management System) they use to build their websites.

Simply put, a CMS is like your website’s engine. It lets you post new content on your website without needing any technical knowledge.

For example, if you’re a local dental business and want to start publishing dental care tips on your website, you’ll be able to do it on your own with a CMS like WordPress.

Furthermore, if you decide to build an email list of the people who read your tips, a CMS will let you add email subscription boxes to your content.

And so on…

A CMS makes many things possible. But not all CMSes are created equal. So, before investing in a web design agency, learn about the CMS they work with. For instance, at MarketingBlitz, we work exclusively with WordPress because WordPress isn’t just the most SEO-friendly CMS but it’s also the most popular. It powers 32% of the internet.


Step #2: Evaluating for optimization (both for Local SEO and conversions)

Seo services - search engine optimization 1


Once you’re happy with a web design agency that looks like it ships good stuff, it’s time to look deeper than the designs.

This basically means ensuring that you don’t just get a slick website but also one that “performs.”

Which more simply means, you need to see that your small business website is discoverable and optimized for generating leads.

Your web design agency in Brampton and Greater Toronto Area can do a lot of heavy-lifting to make your local business more discoverable by doing strong on-page SEO. This includes using image alt texts and reader-friendly URLs, optimizing for speed, adding 404 pages, and making robot.txt files and a ZILLION other things.

A web design agency like ours knows all this stuff because we’re also a full-stack digital marketing agency specializing in SEO services as well. So when we design websites, we make sure we’re following the best SEO web design practices.

Not just that, we also submit our clients’ websites to a number of local business directories. These submissions help search engines index our clients’ new websites faster and help build some SEO momentum for around the new websites.

So after you’ve confirmed that the agency you’re considering can deliver SEO-friendly web designs, it’s time to see if they understand how lead generation and conversions happen for small businesses.

A good way to do this is to learn the process the agency follows when designing websites. So look at their web design services page and see if they’ve a process. For example, at Marketing Blitz, we’ve a thorough 5-step web design process we use when creating websites for our local Canada-based business clients:

  1. Discovery
  2. Planning
  3. Designing
  4. Development & Integration
  5. Launch & Maintenance

You can read our full web design process here. By following this process, we make sure that all our designs deliver to meet our clients’ business goals.


Step #3: Evaluating for post-launch maintenance services

A website isn’t a one-time thing.

And so hiring a web design agency isn’t a one-time thing either.

Because once a website is live, it needs regular monitoring and maintaining, so that it stays secure and updated to the latest CMS version. Also, any addons used must also be updated to their latest versions as not doing so could a website hacked or compromise the design because of backend conflicts.

A web design agency takes care of all of this and more as part of its maintenance plans. So, when choosing a local web design agency, make sure that it comes with affordable monthly maintenance plans.

Besides, as a small business, you have a lot of work to do. Freeing up your time by outsourcing your website maintenance can give you more time to focus on building your business. Plus, you won’t have to keep worrying if your website is “down.” It will be your design agency’s job to make sure the website is working just right.

Wrapping it up …

A few years ago, simply having a website would have given your small business a head start.

But today, you need a website that does more than just be your online face.

It needs to drive traffic to your website.

It needs to convert a part of this traffic to leads.

And finally, to customers.

At Marketing Blitz, we empower local Canada-based small businesses just like you with powerful websites optimized for conversions. Check out our web design services and contact us for a free consultation.

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