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With a wealth of experience spanning over a decade, Alex is a seasoned digital marketing professional and a certified Google AdWords Pro. Holding a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Computer Science, he founded Marketing Blitz Inc. in 2013. Since then, Alex has provided consultation services to over 500 small and medium-sized local businesses across Canada. His passion for helping others and deep interest in the online advertising and digital marketing industry are evident in every aspect of his work.

Before establishing Marketing Blitz, Alex spent over 10 years in management and senior management roles at Bell Canada, specifically in their Cloud Computing Services division. Throughout his career, he has honed a diverse set of skills in business, management, and technology. This includes expertise in team collaboration, systems development, marketing automation, marketing campaigns, sales, technical support, process management, and operations.

Today, Alex is driven by his passion to help dentist and dental practices get more patients and grow their practices by providing a full-service approach to online marketing. At Dental Marketing Experts Inc. and Marketing Blitz Inc., Alex has assembled a dedicated marketing team that excels in both online and offline domains. His digital marketing team handle everything for dentist and local businesses from dental website design, SEO to social media, google ads, content, google reviews to internet marketing and more. This ultimately leads to increased traffic, leads, and sales from their business websites.

Alex consistently delivers ROI in highly competitive markets, and his ultimate goal is to support dentists, dental practices in North America with their online marketing endeavors. His extensive background in full-stack digital marketing enables him to craft successful marketing strategies for businesses across various niches.

Above all, Alex prioritizes his clients’ online success by helping them drive more traffic, leads, and sales through their websites. Outside of Dental Marketing Experts and Marketing Blitz Inc., he cherishes time spent with his family and is a lifelong learner, always eager to acquire new skills and expand his expertise. You can reach Alex here:

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