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Toronto is an amazing city to live and to have a business. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that you have lots of choices when it comes to SEO Services and Agencies choice. Where here to give you a head’s up on what our repeat, long term clients know to be true: Marketing Blitz is your best choice for an experienced, skilled, and highly motivated SEO team that can make a huge difference in your bottom line.

To be honest, Search Engine Optimization is more than just a job for us. We live and breath website SEO optimization  and digital marketing for businesses in the GTA, from the moment we wake up until we e go to sleep. It’s a hardcore approach but it’s who we are and it’s who you want working for you if you want your business’s website SEO ranking  to be at head of the pack. The GTA is certainly a competitive marketplace, isn’t it?

When Marketing Blitz comes on board we approach SEO as a collaboration and value your ideas. We also love to educate about what we are doing to help. Keeping things clear with clients has proven to be the best route that delivers win-win experiences, and remarkable reliable results.

We understand local SEO requirements inside and out, along with national Canadian SEO, and global SEO. This knowledge when applied towards optimize your business website is often a serious game changer. Read on to learn more about Marketing Blitz and SEO services.

First Things First: What is Toronto SEO?

In 2020 and beyond when potential customers in the GTA are looking for a service or a product what are they most likely to do? Jump on Google or Bing and search. This happens constantly, potentially all day and night and every time a customer uses your business to meet their needs and they have a great experience they could stay with you for life.

So where your business appears in search engine results is about as vital as it gets. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) covers the methods and strategies used to make sure you are the first, or among the first businesses, that pop up after a search for what you offer. The right team working on your website SEO optimization, like ours here at Marketing Blitz, can solve one of the most important riddles behind getting new business leads and raising the bottom line. Once you get the website traffic, leads, customers and the rest is up to you. But with no new customers you won’t have this chance to impress, will you?


Why Marketing Blitz is Your Best SEO Company Toronto Choice

SEO Toronto

Our competitive nature and loyalty to our clients here at Marketing Blitz demands that we do everything possible to ensure website SEO optimization and ranking success. This is why we keep such a close eye on campaigns and why we study the latest search engine changes so we can make the most of them.

Combine this kind of mindset with our SEO experience and cost-effective pricing and it is easy to see why so many pick Marketing Blitz to make sure their business’s SEO is performing at its best. We hope you make the same decision and give us a chance to see first hand what our SEO company in the GTA is all about. Our results speak for themselves. Why not reach out to schedule a consultation today?

The Best SEO Toronto Strategy

When you come onboard with us, we take it very seriously. We look at everything you have going on online up to that point and how it is performing. Our local SEO professionals then begin to devise an up-to-date, powerful SEO strategy for your business website. Google has become quite complex in its decisions on where websites rank. This requires an expert, not an amateur, response. Our team fine tunes all of the different (and changing) factors Google uses to determine your rank. This includes how well your website performs, the quality and number of your backlinks, your domain rating, what your online reviews look like, if your website content is top notch, and much more.

The great news is that our SEO teams lives for optimizing all of these areas. And we are devoted to seeing our clients not just succeed, but to crush any competitors. These are just a few of the hundreds of SEO tactics we’ll use to make your business in the GTA show up when your ideal clients or customers look for you.


Meta Tags – H1, H2, H3 etc Analysis
URL Friendly Internal Linking
Web Pages Content Optimization
Image Optimization


Website Performance Analysis
ON Page SEO Analysis
OFF Page SEO Analysis
Website Page Speed


Target Audience Analysis
Target Audience Content Desires
Define Content Strategy & Map
Addressed Customers’ FAQ


Clean Up Website Sitemap
Optimize Website Metadata
Fix Broken Links & Redirects
Rich Snippets & Structured Data


Who Are Your ideal customers
What Do They Care About?
Where Are They Spending Time Online
What Motivates Them To Buy Your Services


Claim And Setup Google Business Listing
Duplicate Listing Cleanup
Help With Reviews
Social Media For Local Business


Choose a Mobile Platform
Optimize for Page Load Speed
Optimize Design for the Mobile UX
Optimize Your Content for the Mobile Experience


Uncover Competition Target Keywords
Analyze Competition Rankings Against Keywords
Research Competition Most Shared Content
Track New Competition Content & Links


Track Google Rankings For Keywords
Improved Rankings For Business keywords
Business Services Keywords amplification
Business Product Keywords amplification

Seo Services Toronto Packages

    • Number of Keywords 10
    • Over $500 worth of deliverables – content + link building
    • Advanced SEO Strategy
    • Customized Strategy For Your Website
    • Business Keyword Research
    • Competitive Gap Analysis
    • Website Analysis And Optimization
    • High Quality And Diverse Link Building
    • High-Quality Blog Content Writing And Syndication
    • Google Map And Local SEO Optimization
    • High Authority Business Directory Submission
    • Monthly Ranking Report

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    • Number of Keywords 50
    • Over $1500 worth of deliverables – content + link building
    • Advanced SEO Strategy
    • Customized Strategy For Your Website
    • Business Keyword Research
    • Competitive Gap Analysis
    • Website Analysis And Optimization
    • High Quality And Diverse Link Building
    • High-Quality Blog Content Writing And Syndication
    • Google Map And Local SEO Optimization
    • High Authority Business Directory Submission
    • Monthly Ranking Report

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SEO Toronto: Common Questions & Answers

Is There a Difference Between ‘Organic’ and ‘Paid’ Search Engine Results?

Absolutely. Organic results are what is delivered through our different SEO Toronto strategies and methods. Your ranking rises based on this work without the need to dive deeper into your budget. Paid results are basically taking an ad on Google which will have your website appear near the top and long as you continue to pay them for the service. It is helpful to know that Organic results convert to sales MUCH better than Paid results do.

Is On Page SEO Important?

Yes, it is. Our team makes sure your on page SEO, which includes things like content, images, etc. are all working towards helping you accomplish your Toronto SEO goals.

Can Blogging Help SEO?

It sure can. When the content is high quality, Google tends to respond very positively and relatively quickly. Some mistakes need to be avoided. Our team will make sure you understand all of this and more if blogging is something that works for your business.

Has SEO Died?

This can be a trendy thing to say but it is very far from the truth. The methods may change but the only ones who think “SEO is Dead” are those who are not caught up to speed. As long as people use search engines Toronto SEO will be an important part of digital marketing.

Aiming at First Page With SEO Toronto


An increase in traffic is great but we know the real gold is hidden at the top spots on the first page of Google, so this is where our aim is pointed with our local SEO efforts. We accomplish this goal and maintain it for our clients again and again. Top rankings means more people visiting your website, more conversions, and more profits.


SEO Toronto To Drive More Website Traffic, leads & Sales




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