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We are Marketing Blitz, web design and web development experts. We have a team skilled in the latest ‘best practices’ to give you the professional web presence that builds confidence in your brand, that works well no matter what device it should be looked at from, and helps create sales. A hastily created website from amateurs is sure to leave you lacking in one (or all of these areas). A mistake in a competitive marketplace it could be extremely difficult to succeed while suffering from. Using a professional Web Design agency is just that important. And Marketing Blitz is proud to lead the way.

Responsive Website Design In Canada To Generate More Leads

Professional Website Design Service In Canada

Here at Marketing Blitz we work hard everyday to stay on top of the best practices of Web Design and development, that allows us to deliver a modern, interactive experience, that resonates with visitors and search engines alike. We understand your website needs to be able to flow smoothly on smart phones and tablets, along with laptops and desktops. The mobile experience is more important all of the time, and the experts say this trend will only continue.

We are very much a full-service Web Design and Web Development company who can cover all of your website design and digital marketing needs here, in house. Our team is passionate about delivering design solutions that are impressive, that ‘wow’ visitors through user experience, and help to make your brand memorable. Our ultimate goals? To be a big part of helping your business grow online. To convert website visitors to customers. To see you succeed on a whole new level. Our ability to accomplish this has made many call Marketing Blitz one of the best web design agencies. We can’t help but agree. We can make your web design dreams come true. Just ask us.

Always remember how important your approach to website design can be. Your web site’s design is the first thing potential customers see when they visit. If your website looks amateurish, don’t expect good results. Even the best results on search engines will still see sales suffer if when potential customers click through, they end up not taking your brand seriously.

Our web developers will craft a modern, cutting edge, website that works. It will be one less thing for your own team to have to worry about. We thrive on inspiring confidence in our clients. Because our work delivers.

Is This Your Current Business Website Design In Canada ?

Experienced and full-service web design and development team. Get started now, contact us with your website development requirements


Beautiful Search Engine Seo Optimized Website Designs

About 38% of people stop engaging with a website if they find the website’s content and layout to be unattractive. And so in our web design services, we make sure our clients’ websites look stunning and instantly impress those who land on it.

Mobile Responsive Web Design To Reach More Customers

About 50% of the visitors of most websites use mobiles for browsing the websites. As part of our web design services, we make sure your website mobile responsive and looks (and works) great on all tablet and mobile devices.

SEO-friendly Website To Improve Google Rankings

Many website design choices directly influence a website’s search engine visibility score. And so in our web design and development, our Seo Canada search engine web implementation team will take care of them. For example, using SEO-friendly and descriptive page URLs, adding alt texts for all the images, using light  <100kb images, adding sitemaps, using SEO-friendly page titles, ensuring good internal linking, etc. By doing so, we try to give your website an SEO  head start, so you can get more organic leads.

USer Friendly Website Design To boost Conversion

About 88% of online consumers won’t likely return to a website that doesn’t offer a good user experience. In our web design services, we use a host of user experience best practices like using readable fonts, clean navigation structures, easy-to-access contact information and more.

Conversion Friendly

A staggering 70% of websites for small business don’t use a Call To Action (CTA) on the homepage. Instead of leading the homepage visitors to the services or product pages, these homepages simply make the visitors feel lost.

As part of our web design and seo services, we follow a number of conversion hacks that make your website attract traffic and  convert more leads. For example, clear CTAs, easy-to-fill forms, a logical visual story that prompts users to take the next step in your sales funnel, etc.

Expert WordPress Developers And Website Design Theme

WordPress powers about 60% of the internet. The key benefit of using a WordPress website is that you don’t have to depend on a web developer to update your website with new content — you can easily do it yourself.

At Marketing Blitz, our web development team use only WordPress for all e-commerce and standard web design projects. In addition to being easy to update, WordPress is also extremely Seo and search engine-friendly.

Blog Set-up To Drive More Traffic

(B2B) Businesses that blog generate 67% more leads than businesses that don’t. Because we want to enable our clients to get the benefits of a blog, we’ve added the blog set-up to all our web design packages.

Page Load Speedy Optimization

Both users and Google love websites that load within seconds. So for our web design services, we base your website only on fast-loading and optimized themes that load within seconds. We also use light images and optimized code for any customizations you might need, so your website doesn’t get bloated.

Professional Custom Logo and Graphic Design

Visitors typically spend about an average of 5.94 seconds just looking at a website’s hero image. And so when we design our clients’ websites, we use only engaging and relevant graphics. We also make custom graphics if that makes more sense.



During the first step of our web design process, we’ll understand your business or services. We’ll also identify who your ideal clients are and research about your competing service providers. At this point, we’ll also establish your website’s main goals like collecting leads, making direct sales, getting queries over the phone and so on.


Once we have all the information about your business, competitors, ideal clients, and the business goals of your website, we’ll plan its key pages and structure. We’ll also map out the user journey of your visitors where we’ll see how we can lead your visitors further into your website from your homepage and get them to fill the contact form or book your service.


In this step of our web design process, we’ll work on your website’s design. Our key focus when designing websites is to get a balance between the aesthetics and the functionality. We’ll use your brand colors to give your website your brand’s personality.

Development & Integration

After you’ve reviewed your design, we’ll move to the development stage where we’ll integrate your website into WordPress and upload all your content to it. We’ll also integrate your website with your hosting account and link it to the domain name. After all the set-up, we’ll perform a bunch of tests to make sure that everything works just as it should!

Launch & Maintenance

In the launch and maintenance step, we’ll get your website live. And then offer ongoing design support so you can optimize your website for the best performance.


Website Design Canada: Frequently Asked Questions

What size businesses do you work with?

We provide Canada website design services for businesses of any size, along with community organizations, and other kinds of institutions should they hire us. All with the same attention to detail and passion to help our clients succeed.

Are the websites you design Search Engine friendly?

Yes, of course. We understood that you want people to visit your website and a part of that is making sure we do everything we can to make Google and Bing not run into any trouble with your site. Our Canada Web Design agency are experts in this important area.

How long does it take to have our website up and operating?

This really depends on the size of your website, its features, and if clients respond in a timely way to get us logos and other graphics that may be needed, content they would like added, and other factors outside of our control. When you contact us and wed discuss your project we will give you an accurate and honest estimate about when your website will be ready. We understand “time is money” for many of our web design Canada clients, so we do everything in our power to deliver quickly. As long as it does not compromise quality.

Can you help me get traffic to my website?

Yes. In addition to our web design work we also have SEO Canada experts right here in our office. This is also a big part of what Marketing Blitz offers. We have helped many businesses who were unfamiliar with being online get up a great e-commerce website and then draw in customers through superior SEO. Now they have vibrant online businesses.

Will I own my website and domain?

100%. All of our clients absolutely own their websites and domains. Our focus is on making them as effective as possible. But ownership remains with our clients.

Am I able to update my own website or does Marketing Blitz need to do it?

For most common things, like posts and updates, it’s easy for businesses to update themselves. We provide instruction and answer any questions you may have about the subject. For more complex needs we recommend you have our team handle it. But that’s completely your decision.

Are You Ready for a Powerful Web Design Canada Solution?

If your business is just getting started or if you want to get off on the right foot with a new business, it’s time to take a bold step forward and have professionals design a website that can truly make a difference. Our Canada web developer services will help you make an impression that sticks in minds and inspires sales. We will be sure it loads smoothly and quickly across devices. And that everything needed is developed using the latest tools, so you can be certain you don’t find functions not operating in a month or two. A professional website isn’t an option here in Canada. It’s a must.

Web Design & Development Canada: Start Growing Your Business Today

We are looking forward to your call and hearing about your dream website. One of our Website Design Canada expert team member will offer you a custom proposal that meets your needs, respects your budget, and will achieve your business’s goals. A quote for our website design services is free. We’d also be happy to discuss your branding, marketing or winning SEO needs as well. Just let us know. Our team can’t wait to hear from you!

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