Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses (And How to Choose One for Your Company)

Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses (And How to Choose One for Your Company)

Any small business that wants to invest in SEO gets stuck when choosing an SEO company.


Well, because there are too many “how to choose an SEO company” tips out there.

And these SEO company selection tips aren’t just too many — but some of them are also pretty bad!

Take this most popular tip for discovering and selecting an SEO company, for example:

An SEO agency is a great fit for your small business IF:

It ranks #1 for the keyphrase “the best SEO company in [your city].”

Now think …

What does ranking at the top for such a local keyword mean?

At the most, it means that this SEO agency has done some strong local SEO.

BUT in NO WAY is ranking at the top for such a search an indicator of the kind of fit it might be for your small business’s SEO needs.

So how do you really choose the best SEO company for your small business?

Choosing the right SEO partner for your small business can be done right in the first go itself if you know how and what to look for. And below we’ve listed the exact steps you need to take to select the best SEO agency for your small business — one that really helps you grow your small business into a “BIG” one.

Here goes …


Step #1: Set clear SEO goals

Before you start searching for the best SEO company for your small business, set aside some time to define your SEO goals.

The problem many small businesses face in doing so is that they don’t know what they “really need” from hiring SEO services. So, they think in terms of “website traffic” AND NOT “organic leads.”

And as a result, they often get sold on the first SEO agency that uses shiny copy and graphics that promise to make them 10X more website traffic.

Now you might think, “So what’s the problem here? SEO = free search traffic, right?

Well, in a way, yes — it means free search traffic.

But this free traffic is only good if it translates to more leads and sales.

And this isn’t the case always.

For instance, an SEO agency you end up hiring might be ranking your website for a bunch of relevant keywords and bringing you more organic traffic, but these keywords might not be your profitable keywords, hence they may not bring business.

Now, a company with a bigger SEO budget can, for once, invest in ranking for such broad key phrases. But as a small business, you don’t have the budget for targeting such keywords that only bring traffic and no business.  

And this is just one example.

There are many more SEO metrics that might seem like they’re SEO goals, but mostly they’re just SEO numbers that don’t mean much unless they mean business.

So that brings us to this question:

How do you choose the SEO goals for your small business?

SEO influencer Rand Fishkin gives the answer here:

Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses 2

Image source


He explains how your SEO goals must be based on your company’s marketing goals.

And in a way, your company’s marketing goals — at least as they relate to organic growth — can all be good SEO goals.

For example, if you’re a law firm now wanting to expand into a new vertical, say, drug violations, then that could be an excellent SEO goal: Attracting search visitors (leads) who are looking for your new services.

You get the idea, right?


Step #2: Vetting your options to find the best SEO company suitable for your small business


The fact that you’re looking for an SEO company for your “small business” alone shows that you know your business is different.

It’s different from the big companies…

It’s different from the enterprises…

And it’s also different from startups … 

Which means, more than anything else, the SEO company you should work with should understand the small business ecosystem:

  • It should understand how business happens in a small business.
  • It should specialize in local SEO so it can snag hyper-targeted local leads for your small business (in limited budgets).
  • It should excel at spotting those 10 or so keywords that would generate quality leads and that aren’t so competitive that your business has no chance at showing at the top SERPs for them.
  • It should know how to optimize directory listings to build a consistent stream of local leads for your small business.
  • It should also know how to fix the technical SEO problems on your website so that your target audience can discover you via search engines.

In addition to all these, it should also be able to support your website’s SEO score by building supporting signals like a good social media presence  — all of this without selling your “social media” SEO addons and more.

And obviously, it should also tell you what results its SEO efforts are getting for your small business. These results could be measured in terms of the increased search visitors or referral traffic or improved rankings for your target keywords, and more.

At MarketingBlitz, because we specialize in offering SEO services to small businesses, our SEO packages don’t come with any fancy stuff. They offer only those SEO services that we’ve consistently used to get great results for small business just like yours.

Image caption: Our basic SEO plan for small businesses


So at this step, carefully evaluate the SEO agencies you’ve found and decide if they seem to specialize in serving small businesses.

A good way to find this out is to see if they serve similar businesses like yours. You could see the agency’s testimonials and case studies to find this out.

seo company brampton

seo company brampton

Image caption: Client testimonials can show you the kind of businesses an SEO agency serves


Step #3: Picking the best SEO company for your small business

Finally, after you’ve found the top three SEO companies or so that might be a good fit for meeting your SEO goals and that also have a reputation, it’s time to “talk.”

“Talk” as in talk to the sales teams at these agencies to understand if you’d be a good fit.

This doesn’t cost anything because most of the small business SEO companies such as Marketing Blitz offer expert consultation sessions for free.

seo serviceers brampton

(By the way, you can click this link to book a free SEO consultation with us, in case you’re looking to hire an SEO agency for your small business.)

You can get on a call with the search specialist or the salespeople of the agencies on your shortlist and share your SEO goals with them.

They’ll then help you evaluate if it’s a good fit and also explain to you how you can benefit from their SEO services.

And because you’ve already done some thorough homework, you’ll be able to understand if the agency you’re interacting with can actually meet your expectations.

Also, when you’re on the call with the agency person, make sure you find answers to questions that will help you compare all the options on your shortlist.

For example, find answers to questions like:

  • Which SEO tools do you use?
  • How do you report on your work?
  • What setup fees do you charge?
  • What’s the contract like?
  • What are your payment terms?

And so on.

If everything else looks comparable, then it will be these questions that will determine the SEO agency you go with for your small business. So make sure you collect all this information from their sales teams. 


Wrapping it up …

Finally, when you’ve found the best SEO company for your small business and are ready to sign the contract, it’s time to make a small commitment:

The commitment to investing in SEO and giving it the time it needs to get the results because SEO isn’t a “quick win.”

It takes time (at least about six months or so) to get any measurable results from your SEO campaigns.

The time can, however, be easily justified, given that unlike most other digital marketing channels, the results SEO gets are long-term and keep compounding.

But to get such results, you need to believe in your SEO agency and give it “enough” time.

P.S If you’re looking to partner with an SEO company for your small business, book a free consultation with us to see how we can help!

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