A Definitive Guide To Google Maps Marketing

A Definitive Guide To Google Maps Marketing

46% of all searches on Google are by people searching for local information. That could include your address, phone number, or photos of your business. 72% of the consumers who seek a local business end up visiting stores within five miles.

Meanwhile, 78% of these local mobile searches lead to an in-store purchase.

Needless to say, getting a local SEO Service in Brampton is a digital marketing strategy you can’t ignore. Without one, you’re missing out on a big chunk of potential customers.

By adding a Google Maps marketing strategy to your local SEO plan this year, you can appeal to this audience of nearby consumers. By making it easier for them to find your business, you can attract them to your store. Then, you can turn those visitors into paying customers with ease!

Ready to grow your business using Google Maps SEO? Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Google Maps Marketing?

Each time a consumer searches for local businesses on Google, a few different page results pop up. At the top of the page, the Google Map 3-Pack will display a map along with three businesses. Their phone numbers and addresses will appear beneath the map as well.

A Google My Business listing might also appear if the consumer is searching for a specific business.

By using Google Maps marketing strategies, you can ensure your business appears in the 3-Pack. 3-Pack listings stand out from the organic websites listed below. Using Google Maps marketing, you’ll appear at the top of the page, allowing you to appeal to more consumers.

People won’t have to scroll down a Google search page to find your website. Instead, they’ll examine the 3-Pack options first.

The goal of using Google Maps marketing is to help you reach that prime spot on a search page. If you’re a small business trying to build your brand, this is a great way to compete with other local companies.

By using Google Maps marketing and the latest SEO strategies in 2020, you can rank at the top of the results.

Why It Matters

Now that you understand a little more about Google Maps SEO, let’s discuss why it matters. Here are the top reasons more businesses are focusing on local SEO as a part of their overall optimization and digital marketing strategy.

High-Quality Leads

When someone searches for your product or service, they already have an initial interest in your business. When you use outbound strategies like cold-calling, however, you have to convince the consumer they need you. This method could cause you to waste precious time and money you could use to focus on nurturing leads instead.

SEO allows you to attract high-quality leads—people who are most likely to convert into customers. By appealing to the keywords they’re using in a search, you can attract those consumers to your website. Then, you don’t have to use as much energy converting them into a customer.

Google Maps marketing allows you to attract these leads to your business.

You don’t even need them to visit your website. Instead, these Google users can call your company, get directions, or read reviews straight from Google.

As you attract more qualified leads to your business, you can convert them into sales and improve your ROI.

Go Mobile

People check their phones throughout the day, even more often than they check their computers. When we’re out and about, we use our phones for directions, restaurants to eat at, or places to shop.

Your target audience is already mobile. Google Maps marketing allows you to appeal to these users by providing them with a smooth experience. They won’t have to dig around, searching for your address.

Instead, they can search on Google and find you with ease.

Choose the Cost-Effective Option

Outbound marketing strategies like billboards and flyers are costly. They don’t always help you find your ideal customer. SEO, on the other hand, appears in front of the people who already want your product or service.

There’s no cost to create a Google My Business listing, either.

As a result, you can attract new customers while saving yourself time and money.

Boost Your Brand

Your Google My Business listing or the Google Maps 3-Pack will appear at the top of a search page. This makes it easier for consumers to find you. Even if you rank at the top for organic search results, the Google Map will outrank that top-of-page position.

By ranking at the top of a search page, you can improve your brand visibility and awareness.

You can use reviews to boost your brand, too. Reviews will provide consumers with social proof, helping them trust your business. As brand trust grows, you can turn it into loyalty and retain long-term customers.

86% of consumers read reviews about local businesses. Acquiring more reviews for your Google My Business listing will help boost your ranking, allowing you to attract more business.

How to Optimize for Google Maps Marketing

To optimize your Google maps marketing strategy, make sure to claim your Google My Business listing. Your listing should remain up-to-date with your:

  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Areas you serve

You can also specify the industry you belong to. If you have multiple locations, make sure to claim all of them. Double-check to confirm that the contact information on your website matches your Google My Business listing.

Consistency is key.

Next, boost your ranking by adding images to your listing. If you own a restaurant, show off your most popular dishes. For spas, show how relaxing and beautiful your space is.

Photography will help you draw eyes to your business and appeal to the customer’s curiosity. You can also add videos to provide people with a tour of your business. Make sure to optimize your content by adding keywords to your image alt tags.

Have customers told you how happy they are with your service? Ask them to post about their experience on your Google My Business listing. Their satisfied reviews will help you generate future business.

If someone responds with a negative review, respond to it promptly. Show customers that you’re eager to help when you can.

You can add business attributes to your listing as well, including:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Kid-friendly
  • Free WiFi

The more you describe your business, the more likely people will trust you.

Make sure to keep your information updated throughout the year. If you move offices, update your address. If you rebrand and change your name, update your listing. These tips will help keep your local SEO strategy up-to-date.

Attract Locals with Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps marketing is an easy way to attract a crowd of locals to your business. With this guide, you have everything you need to get started.

Eager to rise onto your local 3-Pack? Contact us today to book a free consultation.

A Definitive Guide To Google Maps Marketing

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