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It’s pretty clear, staying competitive in business here in Canada without taking a smart and effective approach to local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is next to impossible. In fact, most businesses don’t have the resources to tackle a problem like this themselves. It’s too complex and there’s too many moving parts that often change overnight. It’s okay. We’re Marketing Blitz, SEO experts. And we would love to help your business perform its best.

There’s no need to waste your marketing budget on campaigns that don’t deliver. Which is something we hear about when we bring on new clients (who end up sticking with us) again and again. We are passionate about giving your business the best chance possible to attract the right kind of attention online. In a way that’s always transparent and easy to understand.

We have proven our ability to get our clients where they need to be in Google and Bing SEO search results. Which means first page, and as close to the top as possible. Our SEO services have helped rank all kinds of service-based businesses through the latest search engine optimization strategies, something which skyrockets the opportunity to grow and boosts black and white revenue.

We understand how important it is to stay caught up to date with the latest website SEO optimization strategies. This is a field where if you are not committed to constantly learning more, the results won’t stay consistent. When the search engine algorithms change we are ready to adjust our approach to stay on top. Our team is obsessed with learning new organic and local SEO strategies. We love what we do and the results we deliver reflect that. Isn’t it time to make sure your online approach is optimized wherever and whenever possible?


SEO Company In Canada: Why Marketing Blitz is Your BEST Choice ?

Transparent SEO Services

Many SEO firms, unfortunately, try to put up smoke screens to conceal the fact that they really aren’t doing much at all. We are completely opposed to this and make sure our clients know what we are working on and why. We deliver regular reports so you can track how well we are doing, quickly and simply. Hassle and headache free.

An EXCELLENT Return on Investment

We understand that if our SEO agency services aren’t cost-effective, there’s no good reason to stick with us. So everything we do is aimed at helping you bring in more revenue. And when you do it’s a total win-win for all involved.

SEO Canada Results, Results, Results!

Traffic that doesn’t convert is nothing to be proud about. We know what our clients want: results. And we deliver results in more profits, more customers, and more first-class leads. The whole Marketing Blitz team keeps its eye on the prize: helping our clients perform better than ever.


Our team employs, literally, hundreds of strategies. New ones are often brought onboard to maximize results.
But here’s some top SEO services that are high up on our list:


Making sure content, images and videos are enhance for local Canadian customer searches on Google. This includes, Meta Tags – H1, H2, H3 Analysis, URL Friendly Internal Linking, Web Pages Content Optimization, Image Optimization


An important SEO tool to see how well your website is performing and if there’s any problems we need to fix right away.


Google and Bing’s demand for website and blog quality content rises all of the time. The days are gone where poorly written or copied material would work. We know what the SEO Brampton Content Marketing needs are and our team are experts at creating it.


Clearing up metadata issues, broken links, and much more, can bring big SEO benefits to your website.


We ask and get answers for all of the important questions related to building your brand’s positive reputation and authority in your niche in business niche. We learn who your ideal customers are and how to best help your brand appeal to them


From your Google business listing, top local business directories to keeping an eye on your local reviews, and much more, we do what it takes to see your local businesses in perform great locally like a powerhouse with all the SEO Optimization.


More people are searching for services on mobile devices than ever. This is vital for your business’s best SEO performance.


We study your competitions local SEO keyword choices, where they are ranking on Google and Bing, plus track their new content and links.


Tracking your business’s SEO keywords performance, finding new keywords when appropriate, and then amplifying it all for remarkable results.

The Marketing Blitz – SEO Agency In Canada

For an SEO / digital marketing agency to succeed in today’s environment a highly knowledgeable, motivated, and passionate team is a must. SEO Services is just not something that can be done properly otherwise. We hear horror stories about some other firms and we shake our head wondering why they don’t embrace these qualities. It’s a shame.

Our SEO professionals are immersed in learning and applying the latest best practices, study R & D reports as they are released, follow industry news, watch the various markets our clients compete in, and just completely devote themselves to keeping getting better and more informed about our jobs. This dedication is directly seen in our client’s results.

Our team has youthful energy mixed with deep online marketing experience. Most needs can be met in house when it comes to digital marketing needs to compliment website SEO Optimization efforts. The Search Engine Optimization landscape is constantly evolving and our tight-knit team is constantly evolving as well. If you have explored other SEO firms, check us out. And see the big difference firsthand. All of us here at Marketing Blitz know you will be impressed.

Search Engine Optimization In Canada Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an SEO setup fee?

Yes, of course. When getting you started with a powerful Canada SEO foundation and digital marketing approach it takes us about a week of hard work to get things started on a strong foundation. During that week our SEO team researches your competition, optimizes your website, makes sure your Google business page is done properly, optimizes your social media profiles, among many other things to get things started properly. So the SEO setup fee is money well spent.

How long before I can expect results?

It can vary, but a safe bet is 90 days. The nature of Search Engine Optimization, and really SEO focused on any location, is that it takes time to deliver. The good news is that once they start, they will continue and escalate to bigger and bigger levels. We will keep you caught up to date through the whole process.

Will I be able to tell if the SEO Canada is working?

Yes. Again we will deliver reports on a very regular basis so you can see the difference we are providing and how working with Marketing Blitz has been an amazing decision. Everything we do here is transparent and we make it easy to understand.

Does Marketing Blitz guarantee rankings?

No. It’s impossible to do, since SEO involves so many moving parts. Things can change rapidly or they can take longer to fall into place. What we do guarantee is that all of our clients get 100% from one of the best SEO agencies in the world. Be very cautious about SEO firms who make promises they can’t possible keep. The honest nature of the industry doesn’t allow it.

How much does it cost?

Contact our team and let’s discuss your project today. Every client has different needs. Once we determine what they are together, we are more than happy to give you a clear, transparent quote for our Canada SEO services.

Seo Services in Canada Vs Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

High Closing Rate

Seo services leads have a closing rate of 14.6%. Which means 14 of the 100 people to contact you will engage your services. In contrast, outbound marketing strategies like cold calls and advertisements get a measly 1.7% lead conversion rate.

SEO Leads Cost Less

Local Seo Services leads cost a whopping 61% less than the leads generated by outbound marketing strategies like cold calling, Pay Per Click Advertising etc.

Make More Sales

 50% of the people who search for a local business or service on their mobile visit the business within one day. And 34% of the people who use the desktop or laptop for their local searches do the same.

Website Search Engine Optimization Services in Canada

Get a pipeline full of organic leads for your service-based business by engaging one of the most results-oriented SEO Optimization services. If you’ve any questions about hiring our digital marketing agency or general questions related to Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Google AdWords, Email Marketing, Call us now, Click below to contact us or You can also email us at [email protected] We’ll be more than happy to help you.

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